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5 Reasons to Consider Pre-Planning a Funeral

Planning for end of life arrangements: it’s something few of us like to think about, but for all of us, it’s a topic that eventually must be considered. When your time on this earth ends, your friends, family, and loved ones will gather together to celebrate your life. They will share memories and say goodbye at a ceremony that honours you and your impact.

Who plans your final farewell? For many, a funeral is arranged by family. Yet at a highly emotional, grief-saturated time, planning a funeral can be an added stressor for loved ones. Why not consider pre-planning your funeral? No matter your age or state of health, pre-planning your own funeral is a wise, financially prudent step that offers a number of benefits for both you and the ones you love. Here are 5 reasons you should consider pre-planning your funeral as soon as possible.

1. Ensure your wishes are fully honoured

Let your funeral give you the chance to say goodbye in your special way. Working with a funeral services provider to plan your arrangements gives you the opportunity to have the final say in what your departure will entail. From music choices to religious options to your preferences regarding cremation/burial—pre-planning puts the decisions in your own hands. Many people find this gives them a feeling of autonomy over their own plans and adds a degree of acceptance to end of life preparations.

2. Remove the burden of funeral expenses and arrangements from your loved ones

When a loved one dies, there is an intensity of emotions, particularly if a death comes unexpectedly. This is, of course, a very difficult time for the family and friends of the deceased. Yet it is close family who are typically given the task of making arrangements for the funeral and burial. When a funeral is pre-planned, however, the funeral home already knows what needs to be done. Pre-planning your own funeral can relieve your loved ones of this responsibility, allowing them to focus on dealing with their grief and honouring your memory.

3. Protect against rising funeral costs

Unfortunately, the costs associated with a funeral can be significant. Due to economic and other factors, these costs are likely to fluctuate over time. One major benefit of funeral pre-planning is locking in a specific cost at the time of purchase. With pre-paid or bond plans (available at Family Funeral Services through Funeral Plan Management) you can pay in full for your future funeral needs, knowing that your family will never have to deal with unexpected rising costs. There are several options for pre-paid plans and bond arrangements, so options can be customised to meet your needs.

4. Benefit your own financial estate

A funeral bond is a smart investment not only for the important benefits it brings to you and your loved ones during your funeral itself, but with regards to your personal estate as well. Such a bond is typically excluded from your estate, meaning that your savings and assets will go to your family (or to the individuals stated in your will) intact. Funds will not need to be deducted to account for funeral services. Let your estate be passed on or divided as intended.

5. Provide peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones

Ultimately, planning your own funeral ahead of time offers real peace of mind both for yourself and for your family. With arrangements already in place, your loved ones know that your funeral and burial are fully in line with your wishes. There will be no added burden on them to guess and plan, and perhaps most importantly, a pre-planned and funded funeral can relieve them of their own potential financial burden. In many ways, pre-planning your own funeral can be a wonderful gift to your family.

Pre-planning a funeral is made easier by working with a highly-reputed funeral services provider. Sydney’s Family Funeral Services aims to be a partner in planning comprehensive arrangements and creating meaningful services that pay tribute to each individual’s life. Let us help you pre-plan your funeral in a way that brings you peace and allows you the comfort of knowing your end of life arrangements are exactly as you wish them to be.