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Arrange a Funeral Service

Sydney’s Family Funeral Services can help to organise religious funeral services across Sydney with ceremonies tailored to the customs and beliefs of your religious practice.

As leading Sydney funeral directors we specialise in organising ceremonies catering for religions including:

  • Christian
  • Catholic
  • Buddhist
  • Hindu
  • Orthodox
  • Sikh
  • Islamic
  • And others

We recognise that each religion has different and precise customs to be followed, and this is often in addition to the deceased’s family’s requests. Sydney’s Family Funeral Services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist with service arrangements and we make sure all your requests are carried out.

Burial or Cremation

Burial or cremation will depend on the type of religious service. Our Sydney funeral directors can arrange either at your request. In general, Orthodox and Muslim religions forbid cremation while most Christian denominations allow it; and it is the usual choice of Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs.

The law requires that a coffin is always used, except for members of the Muslim religion. Muslims have a special dispensation to be buried in certain cemeteries in a shroud (according to their religious practices and beliefs).

Our Sydney funeral directors can provide more information about religious funeral services across Sydney, burial options as well as available service arrangements and costs.

Christian Services

A typical Christian service may include elements such as:

  • The Bidding – A welcome, those attending are invited to remember the deceased, give thanks for their life and grieve the loss.
  • The Word – What the Bible and church says about death, expressed in prayers, readings and hymns. This also includes a summary of the life, work and personality of the deceased.
  • Prayer – All are invited to recall their relationship with the deceased and review their own lives in relationship to God.
  • The Commendation and Farewell – Wishes for the soul of the deceased to find rest, peace and a life hereafter. This also provides an opportunity for the bereaved to say their last goodbyes.
  • The Committal – This is when the coffin is lowered into the earth for burial, or moved behind a curtain at the crematorium.

Personalise Your Service

Our Sydney funeral directors can help you personalise Sydney-based religious funeral services and offer suggestions for elements to include so that the service is a true reflection of your loved one. You may wish to consider:

  • Memorial books and cards
  • Pipers and music
  • Floral arrangements and tributes
  • Candles and other ornaments

We can also arrange a professional celebrant to officiate at non-religious services.

Create a Memorable Tribute

Contact Family Funeral Services in Sydney to arrange a religious remembrance ceremony or memorial as unique as your loved one. Telephone (02) 9672 6188 or send an online enquiry today.

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Unfortunately I have had to use this company on 2 occasions now in the last 18 months & on both occasions they were WONDERFUL.

Paul is very nice, helpful & professional, Michelle is so warm & kind. There is no pressure on you, you can do some of it yourself as I did or let them do it all. Nothing is too much for them. I have NO HESITATION in recommending them to anyone.


Silverwater 15th August 2012