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What Happens at a Cremation Ceremony?

In recent years, cremation has emerged as a popular funeral choice in Australia. This option is relatively affordable and gives the deceased a dignified farewell.

Arranging a Funeral for a Child

Losing a child is a devastating experience that no parent should ever have to face. Yet, in the tragic event of a child’s passing, families

What is Appropriate for Funeral Flowers?

Funeral flowers hold a profound significance in honouring the departed and offering solace to grieving loved ones. Each flower carries unique symbolism, cultural connotations, and

Announcing the Death of a Loved One in NSW

Losing somebody close to us is among the most difficult things most of us will experience. And despite going through such a difficult time, you

What to Say in a Eulogy

A eulogy is often delivered in the form of a speech at a funeral service. It is typically written and orated by close family or

Headstones – Where Did They Originate?

Evidence of human burials goes back at least 100,000 years before our earliest civilizations arose. Such ancient burial sites are often found with artefacts that

How Did a Funeral Originate?

People have wanted to care for their deceased since the dawn of civilisation. It is a long-held belief by many that the deceased will pass

What to Wear at a No Black Attire Funeral?

Black is often considered the acceptable colour of clothing when it comes to funerals. The colour is associated with mourning and wearing black is typically