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What is Appropriate for Funeral Flowers?

Funeral flowers hold a profound significance in honouring the departed and offering solace to grieving loved ones. Each flower carries unique symbolism, cultural connotations, and personal meanings. Choosing appropriate funeral flowers can be difficult, so we’ve created this brief guide to help.

Which type of Flowers Should I Choose?

Numerous types of flowers are suitable for funerals and there’s usually no single answer to which is best. Regardless, here’s a brief look at some of the most popular to help you make the right choice for this difficult occasion.

  • Carnations: Carnations are among the most popular flower choices for funerals. These flowers signify respect and love and are available in a wide range of beautiful colours and patterns.
  • Chrysanthemums: These flowers are another common choice for funerals and are also available in various colours and patterns. Chrysanthemums resemble love and remembrance, making them a great choice for saying goodbye to somebody you love.
  • Gladioli: Gladioli are available in a range of colours including vivid reds and yellows to less bright yet still beautiful flowers. These flowers grow vertically on a stalk, helping to add some variety to bouquets.
  • Lilies: You will also find lilies in a variety of colours, although white is usually preferred because it symbolizes purity and innocence. Lillies also have religious connections, which also helps add to their popularity at funerals.
  • Orchids: Orchids are among the most aesthetically stunning flowers and are again available in a wide of shapes and colours. Orchids help to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to any bouquet, making a fitting commemoration for the deceased.
  • Roses: The beauty of a rose helps to make it a welcome addition to any occasion, including funerals. Roses are available in very dark colours or even in black, making them an excellent option for funerals.

Personal Preference

One of the best reasons to choose a particular flower is the preferences of the deceased. Many people have a favourite flower, and in a particular colour, making it easier for you to decide. Bear in mind you can have mixed bouquets, so you can choose some of your own favourites alongside those of the deceased. If you are considering mixing different types, it can be best to get advice from the professionals to know what works and what doesn’t.

Cultural Influences

The deceased’s cultural background can also have a bearing on which type of flowers will be ideal for their funeral. For example, white flowers are often the preferred choice among many Asian cultures while Hispanic funerals tend to be more vibrant. When it comes to different cultures, it can be a good idea to check for features that would not be welcome, helping you avoid committing a faux pas.

Etiquette and Types of Arrangements:

Funeral flower etiquette often involves considering the relationship with the deceased and their family. Immediate family members typically receive larger arrangements, such as casket sprays or standing sprays, symbolizing love and profound respect. Close friends and extended family might opt for wreaths, floral baskets, or smaller bouquets, signifying admiration and support. Each arrangement type carries its symbolism, such as wreaths representing eternal life and continuity, or floral baskets symbolizing the circle of life and the enduring power of love.


Remember that the presentation of your flowers is just as important as the flowers themselves. Ideally, each flower should be free of damage and fresh, while they should also be arranged tidily and in a way that helps enhance each flower’s beauty.

In most cases, guests will buy a bouquet or similar arrangement from a professional, meaning the flowers are already arranged for you. Bear in mind also that it’s best to buy a bouquet close to the occasion so they are still fresh on the day of the funeral. 

Do’s and Don’t of Choose Funeral Flowers

To recap and help you make the right choice, here’s a brief breakdown of some of the most important dos and don’ts of choosing flowers for a funeral:


  • Check to see if a particular flower or colour is suitable considering the deceased’s cultural background, heritage, and religious beliefs.
  • Choose flowers that match the deceased’s personality and preferences.
  • Ask for advice from a funeral director, florist, or another expert.


  • Overdo extravagance unless specified by the family’s wishes or for close family members.
  • Forget to accompany the flowers with a heartfelt condolence message, expressing sympathy and support.

Funeral flowers serve as a silent yet powerful tribute to a life lived. By understanding the symbolism, cultural influences, and etiquette associated with funeral flowers, one can select arrangements that honour the departed and offer solace to those mourning.

Whether choosing classic white lilies, personalized arrangements reflecting the individual’s essence, or culturally significant blooms, the act of sending funeral flowers conveys a message of support, respect, and love during a challenging time of loss and grieving. In many cases, flowers say it all during a time when words seem ineffective.

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