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6 Things to Expect When Making Funeral Arrangements

A loved one’s passing is never easy. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult situations a person can face. If you’re tasked with making funeral arrangements for a family member, you may be unsure what to expect. In this challenging time, you need a reputable, compassionate funeral services provider you can rely on. Planning a funeral in Sydney (or elsewhere) doesn’t need to be a complicated matter. Selecting a dependable funeral service will be instrumental in helping your arrangements go smoothly, but knowing what to expect is half the battle. When arranging a funeral, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Your emotions might be raw, and that’s ok.

Be gentle with yourself. Planning a funeral for a loved one is not easy, and it is a process often rife with emotion. Give yourself permission to feel those feelings and take a break when necessary. Don’t rush your decisions if emotions are running high. Your funeral service provider will assist you in the planning process. It’s also helpful to have the support of another family member or friend by your side as you go through the funeral arrangement details.

2. There will be administrative details involved, but your funeral service provider can assist.

When you’ve selected Family Funeral Services, we’ll begin arranging the necessary details. The legalities and paperwork can feel strange in the face of a loved one’s death, but we’ll be will right there with you at every juncture. Your funeral service provider will take care of transporting the deceased to the funeral home and will file the required certificates and permits.

3. You’ll need to select the preferred interment options.

One of the main preparations for planning a funeral involves choosing the deceased’s final resting place. If your loved one had a pre-planned funeral they may have indicated their preference for burial or cremation. We’ll help you honour those wishes. If no preferences have been supplied, you can decide if you’d like the loved one buried or cremated and you’ll choose a vessel to house their remains. At Family Funeral Services, we’ll guide you carefully through each of your options so that you can make an informed choice that feels right to you.

4. Your service can be as simple or customised as possible, whether religious or non-religious.

Your Sydney funeral service can be designed to suit your tastes and to reflect the wishes of your loved one. We can organise ceremonies for those of Christian, Catholic, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Orthodox faiths, among others. These funerals reflect all of the traditional religious customs and practices as desired. Alternately, we can arrange a non-religious funeral service that is memorable and moving. A secular service can be tailored to incorporate various elements of spirituality or as a remembrance ceremony including unique tributes.

5. You will want to consider additional ways mourners can share their grief or send their condolences.

As you make funeral arrangements for your loved one, you will need to consider how funeral attendees and other friends, family, and colleagues can share in the memorial. If selecting a casket burial, you will choose whether an open or closed casket will be a part of the ceremony. Other elements of the service such as music, flowers, and other displays can be chosen. Your funeral service provider will assist you in considering the various options available to you.

Loved ones far away? Consider utilising Heaven Address, an online memorial site that allows friends and family to post and share memories in a digital space. You can even light a virtual candle. It’s a great way to store memories and photos of the loved one and a way to come together with others who are grieving the loss.

6. It’s your family’s chance to remember and celebrate your loved one; you can create a memorable service that suits.

Family Funeral Services in Sydney knows that one of the most important elements of the funeral ceremony is to provide friends and family with an opportunity to share their grief, mourn openly, and find a sense of peace as they celebrate and remember their loved one in a special way. We’ll help you create a memorial that pays tribute to your loved one and offers a respectful, memorable way to say goodbye.


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